F7000N Series

Desktop Industrial Robot

The F7000N family of cartesian robots combines high level programming technology with precision placement engineering. Its overall footprint has a depth of less than 30 inches, suitable for an industrial bench. Particular attention has been given to frame accuracy in an industrial robot of this size, and the base is a heavy-duty cast construction to maintain linear performance across the entire dispensing area.


  • Dispensing areas up to 15.75" x 15.75"
  • Available in three and four axis models
  • Repeatability of 0.02mm
  • High resolution 0.001mm
  • USB port allows for data transfer between PC
  • 100 Programs, 5 million point memory
  • Continuous path motion for accurate XYZ movement
  • Teach Pendant and (optional) PC programming


F7300N: 300 x 300mm work area 3-axis robot
F7304N: 300 x 300mm work area 4-axis robot
F7400N: 400 x 400mm work area 3-axis robot
F7000N Series Desktop Industrial Robot
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X/Y/Z {R} Work Area (mm)
F7300N, F7304N 300 / 300 / 100 {+/- 360°}
F7400N 400 / 400 / 100
Worktable Load / Tool {R} 10 kg. / 5 kg. {3 kg.}
Max. Speed X&Y / Z 800 / 320 (mm/sec)
Repeatability +/- 0.02 mm/axis
Resolution 0.001 mm/axis
Data Memory 100 Points / 50,000 points/program
Drive System stepper motor
Motion Control point to point & continuous path
Teaching Method Teach Pendant
I/O Signals 8 input / 8 output
External Interface USB / RS232
Power Supply 100-240 VAC, 300 Watts
Dimensions (WxDxH)mm
F7300N, F7304N 545x554x850
F7400N 635x645x850
F7300N, F7304N 82.5 lbs.
F7400N 94.6 lbs.

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