Dispensing Nozzles

Dispensing nozzles are precision molded from polyethylene and have 1/4” NPT male threads to fit cartridges, valves, and other compatible equipment. Fisnar offers standard dispensing nozzles designed for applications with beads and dots, as well as specialty dispensing nozzles designed for custom applications with spreading, brushing, step filling, and more.


Standard Disposable Dispensing Nozzles

Standard Dispensing Nozzles

Ideal for basic dispensing applications of beads and dots.

Item NumberLength (in)Diameter (in)MaterialBuy at Ellsworth Adhesives*
EA2160-HD21/16HDPEBuy Now
EA2180-LD21/8LDPEBuy Now
EA2180-HD21/8HDPEBuy Now
EA4160-HD41/16HDPEBuy Now
EA4160-LD41/16LDPEBuy Now
EA4180-LD41/8LDPEBuy Now
EA4320-HD41/32HDPEBuy Now
EA4320-LD41/32LDPEBuy Now
EA4900-LD43/32LDPEBuy Now
EA6160-LD61/16LDPEBuy Now
EA6180-LD61/8LDPEBuy Now

Specialty Disposable Dispensing Nozzles

Specialty Dispensing Nozzles

Ideal for custom dispensing applications that require spreading, brushing, step filling, and more.

Item NumberLength (in)Dimension (in)MaterialNozzle StyleBuy at Ellsworth Adhesives*
EA105041/2 x 1/16HDPESpreaderBuy Now
EA1050-4541/2 x 1/16HDPE45° SpreaderBuy Now
EA10754.53/4 x 1/8HDPESpreaderBuy Now
EA11004.51 x 1/8HDPESpreaderBuy Now
EA117541 3/4 x 1/8HDPESpreaderBuy Now
EA310643/8 x 1/8HDPEFillet Right StepBuy Now
EA320643/8 x 1/8HDPEFillet Left StepBuy Now

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*Ellsworth Adhesives, a global distributor of specialty chemicals and dispensing equipment, is the parent company of Fisnar.