Fisnar offers a wide variety of fluid dispensing products including everything from automatic robotic dispensing systems to replacement barrels, needles, syringes, and tips. Compatible with most applications and industries, Fisnar focuses on providing a high-quality, cost-effective, complete solution for your unique dispensing needs. Learn more about our turn-key systems and accessories below.




Fisnar industrial robots are an economic solution to automation, offering a wide range of benchtop and gantry style dispensing robots suitable for low, medium, and high production environments. Robotic systems are available in a variety of sizes to fit the needs of your application, in addition to a full line of accessories for customization. As a total-solution provider, Fisnar also offers narrated video trials to help in the evaluation process.

    Assembly Line Robots

    Benchtop Robots

    Robotic Accessories

Fluid Dispensers

Fluid Dispensers

Fluid dispensers are available with a variety of features, from manual controlled to automatic for adhesive dispensing, cyanoacrylate, UV resin, silicone, RTV, and anaerobic dispensing. An air-powered dispenser operates via time and air pressure, whereas a peristaltic pump is a mechanical or volumetric dispenser and positively displaces fluid. Dispensers provide precise control during application, contributing to a variety of cost and time-saving benefits.

    Dispensing Controllers

    Hand Dispensers


Pumps and Reservoirs

Fisnar electric pumps are designed for bulk unloading and transfer of medium to high viscosity fluid, such as paste, silicone, and grease from a pre-filled can or pail. Reservoirs are available top or bottom ported, and barrel loaders for transferring liquids for disposal. Pump packages are also available in tandem construction for continuous production (5 gallon and cartridges only).

    Cartridge Pumps

    Manual Barrel Loaders

    Pail Pumps

    Reservoir Tanks


Dispensing Valves

By determining your desired fluid viscosity, fluid content, and application type, Fisnar can identify the best dispensing valve for the job. Dispensing valves are selected by fluid viscosity, fluid content, and the purpose that the valve will be used for. Fisnar offers spool valves for high viscosity materials, poppet valves for smaller shots sizes, diaphragm valves for volatile fluids and UV resins, pinch-tube valves for volatiles and cyanoacrylates, needle valves for dots, and auger valves for high viscosity fluids such as solder paste applications.


Dispensing Accessories

Fisnar offers a large selection of tip and needle types including tapered tips, PTFE tips, needle tips, blunt end tips, and stainless steel tips – all with luer lock fittings. Dispensing barrels or syringes are available in 3, 5, 10, 30, and 55 cc sizes. A range of nozzles and cartridges are stocked for larger volumes of liquids, including retainers, adapters, pistons, caps, and barrels.

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