Reservoir Tanks

Reservoir Tanks
Reservoirs tanks are used to feed bulk fluids to a variety of dispensing valves. A range of sizes are available including bottom ported for medium to high viscosity liquids and top ported for low to medium viscosities.

An “open top” style is used if liners are required to prevent the material from making contact with the sides of the container or if the fluid requires an agitator.

All reservoirs come standard with associated airline, fluid line, regulator, and fittings.

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Standard Reservoir Tanks

Standard reservoir tanks are designed to maintain a steady fluid pressure for most dispensing applications, offering high chemical resistance and protecting against fluid contamination and evaporation.

StylePortedRiserBaseTank MaterialMax Pressure
Tanker O.D.
Material Hose O.D.Buy at Ellsworth Adhesives*
IJ2601N-SS-SP0.5BottleTopPEMetalSS506 1/2” x 8”1/4"Buy Now
IJ2601N-SS0.5BottleTopSSMetalSS506 1/2” x 8”1/4"Buy Now
IJ-01001BottleBottomN/AMetalSS1259” x 12 9/16”3/8"Buy Now
IJ-0100R1BottleTopSSRubberSS1259” x 9 1/4”1/4"Buy Now
IJ-02002BottleBottomN/AMetalSS1259” x 14 1/4"3/8"Buy Now
IJ-0200R2BottleTopSSRubberSS1259” x 11 5/8”1/4"Buy Now
IJ-03005BottleBottomN/AMetalSS1259” x 24 15/16”3/8"Buy Now
IJ-0300R5BottleTopSSRubberSS1259” x 22 1/2”1/4"Buy Now
IJ-83Z-2112.8Top w/ AgitatorTopSSMetalSS8013 3/8” x 23 5/8”1/4"Buy Now
IJ-83B-5002.8TopTopGalvanized SteelMetalGalvanized Steel8013 3/8” x 20 1/2”1/4"Buy Now
IJ-83B-500-SP2.8TopTopPEMetalGalvanized Steel8013 3/8” x 20 1/2”1/4"Buy Now
IJ-83B-500-BK2.8TopTopPEMetalGalvanized Steel8013 3/8” x 20 1/2”1/4"Buy Now
IJ-83B-510-SP5TopTopPEMetalGalvanized Steel8018 1/2” x 30 5/16”1/4"Buy Now


Included & Optional Parts
Part NumberDescriptionBuy at Ellsworth Adhesives*
560554Material shut off valve assembly for reservoirs marked *Request a Quote
IJ-83B-RLReplaceable liner for IJ-83B-500, IJ-83Z-211, IJ-83B-500-SP, IJ-83B-500-BK and IJ-83G-510-SP marked **Request a Quote
560934B-NONIJRegulator gauge (included)Request a Quote
560779Regulator (included)Buy Now
560944O ring EPDM for bottle style reservoirs (included) - 560944 Viton and 560944T PTFE encapsulated Viton O ring optionalRequest a Quote


Stainless Steel Reservoir Tanks

Stainless Steel Reservoir Tanks
Stainless steel reservoir tanks are designed to maintain a steady fluid pressure for most dispensing applications, while providing excellent protection against corrosion or contamination.





Part NumberTypeMax Working Pressure (psi/bar)Capacity (L)Weight (kg)Body Inner and Outer Diameter (mm)Overall Height/Width (mm)Height Without Lid (mm)Buy at Ellsworth Adhesives*
FT1Small Pressure100/6.912100/106225/182150Request a Quote
FT1-AGPneumatic Agitated100/6.912100/106330/182150Request a Quote
FT2Small Pressure100/6.924100/106360/182300Request a Quote
FT2-AGPneumatic Agitated100/6.924100/106465/182300Request a Quote
FT5Small Pressure100/6.957149/155390/202321Request a Quote
FT5-AGPneumatic Agitated100/6.957149/155495/202321Request a Quote
FT10Small Pressure100/6.91014200/206484/237395Request a Quote
FT10-AGPneumatic Agitated100/6.91014200/206605/237395Request a Quote


Glass Reservoir Tanks

Glass Reservoir Tanks
In addition to metal reservoir tanks, Fisnar offers the glass PP300 see-through chamber for dispensing low viscosity liquids directly from bottles and up to 1lb jars. Regulated air pressure forces the liquid in the bottle up through a disposable tube to a connector, which can be interfaced to a valve or dispensing pen. This model is ideal for applications where it’s desirable to see the material without opening the chamber.

ModelSizeDimensionsIDInside HeightAir InputAir OutputWeightBuy at Ellsworth Adhesives*
PP300-GL-A1 gal6.00 x 6.00 x 11.00 in3.60 in (91.44 mm)8.70 in (220.98 mm)70 to 100 psi (5 to 7 bar)From regulator max 30 psi (2 bar)9.25 lbs (4.20 kg)Buy Now


Included & Optional Parts
PartDescriptionBuy at Ellsworth Adhesives*
560607Dispense Tube 0.070" IDRequest a Quote
560608Dispense Tube 0.100" ID (included upon request)Request a Quote
560609Luer Lock Fitting 0.070" IDRequest a Quote
560610Luer Lock Fitting 0.100" ID (included upon request)Request a Quote
560611Gauge 0-30 psiBuy Now
560612Knob AssemblyRequest a Quote
560612BBushingRequest a Quote
560613Clamp for TubeRequest a Quote
560614Reducer Nipple 1/4" 1/8" MPTBuy Now
560615VO-ring (Viton)Request a Quote
560616Relief ValveRequest a Quote
560618Reservoir GlassRequest a Quote
560620Dip TubeRequest a Quote
560571Regulator 0-25 psiRequest a Quote
560792Flat SealRequest a Quote
580108Quick Connect 1/4" MPTRequest a Quote