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Engineered Dispensing SolutionsEngineered Dispensing Solutions

Fisnar offers a large selection of dispensing robots and automated solutions for fluid dispensing. Designed for benchtop assembly operations to large in-line processes, these robots can be used for various applications such as gasketing, bottle filling, potting, ruggadizing, uv light curing, and more.
Syringe Dispense on PCB with UV Light CureSyringe Dispense on PCB with UV Light Cure Benchtop Robot

Watch as the Fisnar Benchtop Robot dispenses material on a PCB using a backplate syringe and valve holder attachment. After dispensing, the robot cures the material with a UV light in a matter of seconds.
Gasketing with 5-Axis Robot and CR300Gasketing with 5-Axis Robot and CR300 Metal Cartridge Retainer

Demonstration of gasketing using Fisnar's CR300 Metal Cartridge Retainer attached to a 5-Axis Robot. This high-grade anodized alloy retainer and cap ensure a safe and comfortable dispensing pressure up to 100psi. Attaching to a 5-Axis robot allows for both vertical and horizontal rotation for applying adhesives and sealants.
Gasketing with 4-Axis Robot and 790HP-LF ValveGasketing with 3-Axis Robot and 790HP-LF Valve

Demonstration of gasketing application with Fisnar 3-Axis Robot and 790HP-LF High-Pressure Spool Valve. It is designed for dispensing high viscosity materials such as RTV silicones, sealants, and grease.
Solder Paste on PCB with SyringeSolder Paste on PCB from Syringe

Demonstration of dispensing solder paste from syringe onto PCB using Fisnar dispensing robot. Fisnar offers a full line of dispensing robots suitable for low, medium, and high production environments.
Potting with DTD50Potting with DTD50 and Epoxy Encapsulant

Fisnar's DTD50 is a pneumatically controlled dispense tool for precise dispensing of two-part materials packaged in 50 mL dual cartridges. It is lightweight, durable, and can be used as a handheld device or mounted on a stand or robot.
Dispensing 2 Component Material Using 710PTU Pinch Tube ValveDispensing 2 Component Material Using 710PTU Pinch Tube Valve

Coin doming application with 2 component material using Fisnar's 710PTU Pinch Tube Valve to dispense. This pinch tube valve is designed for precise control of low to medium viscosity liquids.
Gasketing on Multiple Plane AxisGasketing on Multiple Plane Axis Using Auxiliary Rotation Module

Demonstration of gasketing on multiple plane axis using Fisnar's Auxiliary Rotation Module. This device can be horizontally or vertically mounted to Fisnar's F4000 Advance Series 3-Axis Robot.
Gasketing onto Vertical Wall with 5-Axis RobotGasketing onto Vertical Wall with 4-Axis Robot

Demonstration of gasketing onto vertical wall with Fisnar 4-Axis Robot. It is ideal for complex dispensing routines such as dots, lines, circles, arcs, and fills.
Gasketing with F1300N Rotary Table RobotGasketing with F1300N Rotary Table Robot

Fisnar's F1300N Rotary Table Robot designed for dispensing a circular pattern on areas that are difficult to access. It is fully adjustable in rotation speed, circle diameter, and dispensing time.
Vile Filling with MV-0180Vial Filling with MV-0180 Micro Shot Needle Valve

Fisnar's MV-0180 Micro Shot Needle Valve is designed for precision dispensing of low viscosity fluids from micro shots to moderate-sized beads and dots. The pencil-type grip makes this valve suitable for either handheld or automated applications.
RTV Ruggadizing VideoRTV Ruggedizing with F4505 5-Axis Robot

Demonstration of RTV ruggedizing with Fisnar's F4505 Advance Series 5-Axis Robot. It provides both rotational vertical axis and horizontal axis for applying adhesives and sealants on curved, vertical, or difficult to reach applications.
Gasketing LED Light HousingGasketing LED Light Housing with 790HP-LF High Pressure Valve - Fisnar

Demonstration of gasketing an LED light housing with Fisnar's 790HP-LF High Pressure Spool Valve which offers an effective solution for dispensing high viscosity materials such as silicones, sealants, and grease.
Fisnar 4-Axis Tip Alignment Module4-Axis Tip Alignment Module - Fisnar

Fisnar offers a series of automatic tip alignment modules designed for precise dispensing applications that require frequent material or tip changes, which could alter the position of the dispensing needle.
Fisnar Bottle Filling with VP300 Poppet ValveBottle Filling with VP300 Poppet Valve - Fisnar

Demonstration of bottle filling with Fisnar's VP300 Poppet Valve which is designed for dispensing medium to high viscosity liquids such as silicone, epoxy, grease, solder paste, and other filled materials.
Small Dot Filling with VD510Small Dot Filling with VD510 Diaphragm Valve - Fisnar

Demonstration of small dot filling using Fisnar's VD510 diaphragm dispensing valve. It is designed for precise flow control of low to medium viscosity materials such as cyanoacrylates, anaerobics, paints, and UV adhesives.
Syringe Filling with Manual Barrel LoaderSyringe Filling With Manual Barrel Loader - Fisnar

View Fisnar's Manual Barrel Loader fill a 30 cc syringe. Barrel loaders are an efficient method of transferring greases, epoxies, silicones, solder pastes, and other thixotropic materials into a disposable barrel.
Syringe Dispense with UV Light Cure: F4000 Advance Series Benchtop RobotSyringe Dispense with UV Light Cure: F4000 Advance Series Benchtop Robot - Fisnar

Observe the Fisnar F4000 Advance Series 3-Axis Benchtop Robot dispense fluid with a backplate syringe and valve holder attachment. The robot then performs a UV light cure to the dispensed material, all in a matter of seconds.
Fisnar DC100 and DC200 Digital DispensersDC100 & DC200 Digital Dispensing Controllers - Fisnar

An in depth look into the DC100 and DC200 digital fluid dispensers from Fisnar. Find out how these dispensers can help streamline your manufacturing process while bringing accuracy to any fluid dispensing.
Fisnar F5200N Conveyor Dispensing SystemF5200N.1 Compact Gantry Benchtop Robot - Fisnar

See the Fisnar F5200N Conveyor Dispensing System in action with a sample video showing products being created with Fisnar dispensing equipment.
Fisnar Free Video Trial ServiceFree Dispensing Equipment Video Trial Service - Fisnar

Fisnar's Free Video-Trial Service helps assure that an investment in automated equipment provides a practical and efficient solution to a dispensing application.
Fisnar Hot Melt Cartridge Liquid Gasket DispensingF7300N Hot Melt Cartridge Liquid Gasket Dispensing - Fisnar

See a Fisnar Benchtop dispensing robot performing a liquid gasket dispense. The heated material is packaged in a caulking-style cartridge. The material is heated to the correct temperature and dispensed.
Fisnar LC120FR Metering Mixing MachineLC120FR Digital Dispense Metering & Mixing System - Fisnar

The Fisnar LC120FR Metering & Mixing Machine uses positive displacement dispensing encapsulating, bonding, and gasketing. Learn detailed information on using the machine such as features, components, options, setup, testing, and usage.
Fisnar LC50FR Metering Mixing MachineLC50FR Digital Dispense Metering & Mixing System - Fisnar

The Fisnar LC50FR Metering & Mixing Machine uses positive displacement dispensing encapsulating, bonding, and gasketing. Learn detailed information on using the machine such as features, components, options, setup, testing, and usage.
Fisnar Robotic Tip Alignment TA7000N Tip on F7400N RobotRobotic Tip Alignment: TA7000N Tip on a F7400N Robot - Fisnar

Changing a barrel or cartridge, or accidentally bending a tip can cause alignment problems. Fisnar's robotic tip alignment fixes this problem with an easy to use tip alignment module. Featured in the video is the alignment of a TA7000N tip on a F7400N robot.
Fisnar Two Component Dispensing Application Gantry RobotTwo-Component Dispensing Application: F9600N Gantry Assembly Line Robot - Fisnar

See the Fisnar F9600N Gantry-style robot dispensing a two component metering and mixing fluid. The F9600N has a work area of 600mm x 600mm and is available with a 4th axis.
Fisnar UV Cure Gasket Application F4200N Dispensing & Curing UV MaterialUV Cure Gasket Application: F4200N.1 Dispensing & Curing UV Material - Fisnar

In this video, a UV cure liquid gasket is applied and cured on a Fisnar F4200N robot. The UV cure wand is mounted to the head of the benchtop robot, allowing for the dispense and curing of material without any operator interaction.
Manual to Automated Dispensing Comparison - FisnarManual to Automated Dispensing Comparison - Fisnar

Learn the advantages of upgrading to a fluid dispensing robot from manual dispensing, including cost savings, increased yield, improved quality, and decreased waste. Fisnar offers a variety of high-quality, high-performance systems such as assembly line robots, benchtop robots, robotic work cells, and accompanying accessories.
Pz1200 Piezo Valve VideoPz1200 Piezo Electric Jet Contact Dispense Valves - Fisnar

Watch a demonstration of Fisnar’s Pz1200 Piezo Electric Jet Contact Dispense Valve. Using its advanced piezo-electric ceramic actuation technology, the valve jets a 10mg deposit of 100cst silicone oil with exceptional process control and accuracy.