Dispensing Tips

Are also known as dispensing needles, tips come in a variety of gauges, lengths, and threads. Fisnar offers large selection of high-quality options including PTFE-lined, flexible polypropylene, stainless steel, brush, blunt end, angled blunt end, and tapered dispensing tips.


Angled Blunt End Tips

Angled Blunt End Dispensing Tips

Blunt End Tips

Blunt End Dispensing Tips

Brush Tips

Brush Dispensing Tips

Micron-S Tips

Micron-S Precision Dispensing Tips

Flexible Tips

Polypropylene Dispensing Tips

Stainless Steel Dispense Tips

Stainless Steel Dispensing Tips

Tapered Tips

Tapered Dispensing Tips

PTFE-Lined Tips

PTFE-Lined Dispensing Tips