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Introducing a completely new Dispensing Experience

Introducing a completely new Dispensing Experience

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QuantX dispensing System


QuantX Boxes



 ...a fluid management system defined by its carefully designed and precisely engineered dispensing components. Together these components provide a superior industrial dispensing experience, resulting in reduced waste and greater accuracy.

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Free Sample

For a limited time we are pleased to offer a free test sample of the QuantX™ Fluid Management System so that the features of this high accuracy product can be tested on most air/time bench dispensing systems. The QuantX™ Fluid Management free-trial set (Free-QuantX-Set) comprises one each of the following:

  • 30cc Syringe Barrel
  • 30cc Evenpress™ smooth flow piston
  • 30cc Syringe barrel adapter head 3ft. set
  • 30cc End cap
  • 30cc Flat-base tip cap


For your free sample please contact us by:
Phone: 1(973) 646-5044
or fill out your info HERE for a "QuantX™ free sample".


Offer available to USA only (one set only per request)
Offer ends December 31st 2013