Stainless Steel Dispensing Tips

Fisnar Stainless Steel Dispensing Tips are a dependable, general purpose option ideal for a wide variety of fluid dispensing applications. The precision tips are available in two or three cannula combinations for fine deposition.


Stainless Steel Tip

Stainless Steel Single Cannula Tips

Sold in packages of 12.

GaugeID (mm)OD (mm)Length (inch/mm)Item NumberBuy Now at Ellsworth Adhesives*
131.802.500.5/13813050SS1Buy Now
141.502.000.5/13814050SS1Buy Now
151.401.800.5/13815050SS1Buy Now
161.201.600.5/13816050SS1Buy Now
171.001.400.5/13817050SS1Buy Now
180.801.200.5/13818050SS1Buy Now
190.651.000.5/13819050SS1Buy Now
200.600.900.5/13820050SS1Buy Now
210.500.800.5/13821050SS1Buy Now
220.400.700.5/13822050SS1Buy Now
230.300.600.5/13823050SS1Buy Now
240.280.550.5/13824050SS1Buy Now
250.250.500.5/13825050SS1Buy Now
260.250.450.5/13826050SS1Buy Now
270.200.400.5/13827050SS1Buy Now


Stainless Steel Twin Cannula Tip

Stainless Steel Twin Cannula Tips

Sold in packages of 12.
GaugeID (mm)Length (mm)Item Number 
161.2020816050SS2Request a Quote
171.0720817050SS2Request a Quote
180.8420818050SS2Request a Quote
190.6920819050SS2Request a Quote
200.6020820050SS2Request a Quote
210.5120821050SS2Request a Quote
220.4120822050SS2Request a Quote
230.3320823050SS2Request a Quote
240.3020824050SS2Request a Quote
250.2520825050SS2Request a Quote
260.2320826050SS2Request a Quote
270.2020827050SS2Request a Quote


Stainless Steel Luer Lock Tip

Stainless Steel Luer Lock Tips

Sold individually.
GaugeLength (in)Item NumberBuy at Ellsworth Adhesives*
81.5808150SS1Buy Now
82.5808250SS1Buy Now
83.5808350SS1Buy Now
91.5809150SS1Buy Now
92.5809250SS1Buy Now
93.5809350SS1Buy Now
101.5810150SS1Buy Now
102.5810250SS1Buy Now
103.5810350SS1Buy Now
111.5811150SS1Buy Now
112.5811250SS1Buy Now
113.5811350SS1Buy Now
121.5812150SS1Buy Now
122.5812250SS1Buy Now
123.5812350SS1Buy Now
131.5813150SS1Buy Now
132.5813250SS1Buy Now
133.5813350SS1Buy Now
141.5814150SS1Buy Now
142.5814250SS1Buy Now
143.5814350SS1Buy Now
151.5815150SS1Buy Now
152.5815250SS1Buy Now
153.5815350SS1Buy Now


Stainless Steel 1/4″ NPT TipsFisnar NPT Dispensing Tip

Sold individually.
GaugeLength (in)Item NumberBuy at Ellsworth Adhesives*
71.5807150T14Buy Now
72.5807250T14Buy Now
73.5807350T14Buy Now
81.5808150T14Buy Now
82.5808250T14Buy Now
83.5808350T14Buy Now
91.5809150T14Buy Now
92.5809250T14Buy Now
93.5809350T14Buy Now
101.5810150T14Buy Now
102.5810250T14Buy Now
103.5810350T14Buy Now
111.5811150T14Buy Now
112.5811250T14Buy Now
113.5811350T14Buy Now
121.5812150T14Buy Now
122.5812250T14Buy Now
123.5812350T14Buy Now
131.5813150T14Buy Now
132.5813250T14Buy Now
133.5813350T14Buy Now
141.5814150T14Buy Now
142.5814250T14Buy Now
143.5814350T14Buy Now
151.5815150T14Buy Now
152.5815250T14Buy Now
153.5815350T14Buy Now



Stainless Steel Tips Sample Kit

Selection of 12 different stainless steel dispensing tips ranging from 13 to 30 gauge.

SizeItem NumberBuy at Ellsworth Adhesives*
13, 14, 15, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 30 gaugeQK-SSTKBuy Now

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*Ellsworth Adhesives, a global distributor of specialty chemicals and dispensing equipment, is the parent company of Fisnar.