Cartridge Retainers

Fisnar Cartridge Retainers assist in dispensing a wide range of materials. A popular prepackaged dispensing cartridge is 300ml and can be dispensed directly using a cartridge retainer and cap as shown.

Another dispensing cartridge is the package that can be supplied empty for filling. These are used for dispensing higher volumes of liquid and are sized in fluid ounces. They are often used for high viscosity fluid such as silicone and grease and will require higher fluid pressure. For this reason, metal cartridge retainers are also offered.


1/10 Gal Cartridge Retainer with Caps

1/10 gal Cartridge Retainers with Caps

The 1/10 Gal. cartridge retainers are made to fit both Fisnar brand cartridges and standard caulking cartridges.

Description/MaterialQty.Part #Buy at Ellsworth Adhesives*
1/10 gal. plastic retainer & cap (Max. 65psi.)1580091H-ABuy Now
1/10 gal. metal retainer & cap (Max. 100psi.)1CR300Buy Now
1/10 gal. dispensing stand1560549UBuy Now

Retainer Caps

Retainer Caps

Retainer caps provide a secure lock of the cartridge and metal retainer. Supplied with a female quick connect and sealing ring. One Size fits 2.5 – 12 oz. retainers.

Description/MaterialQty.Part #Buy at Ellsworth Adhesives*
Retainer cap with seal ring15601376Buy Now
Retainer cap with regulator gauge15601377Request a Quote
Sealing ring only15601378Buy Now

Connecting Hoses

Connecting Hoses

A 5ft (152cm) hose to connect a retainer cap and dispenser. Includes a male quick connect each end.

DescriptionQty.Part #Buy at Ellsworth Adhesives*
Connecting hose 5ft15601357Buy Now

Fisnar FS 501V Dispenser Finger Switch

Adjustable Cartridge/Retainer Finger Switches

Designed for operators who prefer finger switches to foot pedals. Easy to adjust and can be fitted to cartridges and retainers.

ItemPack Qty.Part #Buy at Ellsworth Adhesives*
Cartridge/Retainer Finger Switch1FS-501VBuy Now

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