Syringe Barrel Adapters & Accessories

Fisnar QuantX™ Syringe Barrel Adapters & Accessories provide a convenient quick connect to the controller from the syringe barrel. Tubes, safety clips, fluid filter traps, and o-rings also available.


QuantX Syringe Barrel Adapters with 1/8" Hose

QuantX™ Syringe Barrel Adapters with 1/8″ Hose

Syringe barrel adapter assemblies connect a syringe to a time/pressure controller.  The 1/8″ barrel adapter comes with a green adapter head and a safety clip.

SizePack Qty.Hose Length3ft Part #Buy at Ellsworth Adhesives*
3cc13 ft8001014Buy Now
5cc13 ft8001015Buy Now
10cc13 ft8001016Buy Now
30/50cc13 ft8001017Buy Now
3cc16 ft8001018Buy Now
5cc16 ft8001019Buy Now
10cc16 ft8001020Buy Now
30/50cc16 ft8001021Buy Now
3cc13 ft (including filter)8001050Buy Now
5cc13 ft (including filter)8001051Buy Now
10cc13 ft (including filter)8001052Buy Now
30/50cc13 ft (including filter)8001053Buy Now

QuantX Adapters with O-Ring, No Hose

QuantX™ Adapters With O-Ring, No Hose

SizePack Qty.Part #Buy at Ellsworth Adhesives*
3cc18001026Buy Now
5cc18001027Buy Now
10cc18001028Buy Now
30/50cc18001029Buy Now


O-Rings for QuantX Adapter

O-Rings For QuantX™ Adapter

Replacement O-rings for syringe barrel adapters in Buna N.

SizePack Qty.Buna NBuy at Ellsworth Adhesives*
3cc108001030Buy Now
5cc108001031Buy Now
10cc108001032Buy Now
30/55cc508001033Buy Now

QuantX Tubing, Saftey Clips, Fluid Filter Traps

QuantX™ Tubing, Safety Clips, Fluid Filter Traps

Filter traps and safety clips are indispensable accessories for low viscosity fluids.

ItemPack Qty.Part #Buy at Ellsworth Adhesives*
Tube1,000 ft Roll5606030Request a Quote
Safety Clip15606034Buy Now
Fluid Filter Trap15606037Buy Now


Fisnar 560023 LF Finger Switch

Adjustable Barrel Finger Switches

Designed for operators who prefer finger switches to foot pedals. Easy to adjust, syringe barrel sold separately.

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Barrel Finger Switch1560023-LFBuy Now


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