Brush Dispensing Tips

Fluids pass through Fisnar Brush Dispensing Tips for spreading applications with adhesives and other materials. Red sable is used for soft bristle brushes and nylon for hard bristle brushes.


Type A Brush Dispensing Tips

Type A Brush Tips

GaugeBrush DiameterTypePart #Buy at Ellsworth Adhesives*
1610mmFlat Sable5701265Buy Now
1810mmFlat Sable5701266Buy Now
2210mmFlat Sable5701267Buy Now
165mmRound Nylon5701268Buy Now
185mmRound Nylon5701269Buy Now
225mmRound Nylon5701270Buy Now


Type B Brush Dispensing Tips

Type B Brush Tips

GaugeBrush DiameterTypePart #Buy at Ellsworth Adhesives*
212mmRound Nylon5702102Buy Now
272mmRound Nylon5702702Buy Now
145mmRound Nylon5701405Buy Now
215mmRound Nylon5702105Buy Now
275mmRound Nylon5702705Buy Now
1410mmFlat Nylon5701410Buy Now
2110mmFlat Nylon5702110Buy Now
2710mmFlat Nylon5702710Buy Now


Economy Brush Dispensing Tips

Economy Brush Tips

GaugeBrush DiameterTypePart #Buy at Ellsworth Adhesives*
153mmRound8001309Buy Now
153mmRound8001310Buy Now

Brush Tip Dispensing Sample Kits

Selection of soft and hard bristle fluid pass-through dispensing brush tips. Includes gauge sizes for Type A or Type B brush dispensing tips.

TypeSizeContentsPart #Buy at Ellsworth Adhesives*
A16, 18, 22 gaugeSix soft & hard bristle tipsQK-BTK-ABuy Now
B14, 21, 27 gaugeTwo 2mm round (21 & 27 ga), three 5mm round (14, 21, & 27 ga) & three 10mm flat brush tips (14, 21 & 27 ga)QK-BTK-BBuy Now


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*Ellsworth Adhesives is a trusted distributor of Fisnar dispensing equipment and supplies as well as specialty chemicals from the industry’s top manufacturers.