VPP803-LF Vacuum Pick-Up Unit

VPPE511-LF and VPP803-LF Vacuum Pick-Up System Controllers

The VPPE511-LF and VPP803-LF Vacuum Pick-Up System Controllers are designed for delicate handling of small parts and components including miniature, surface mount, and chip scale packages.

The VPP803-LF is a non-electrical unit that has a vacuum pencil with a small hole that creates a vacuum.

The VPPE511-LF features an air solenoid vacuum electrically activated by pressing a foot pedal.

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VPP803-LF: Non-Electrical Vacuum Pick-Up System
VPPE511-LF: Electric Vacuum Pick-Up System


Foot pedal controlled (VPPE511-LF)
Adjustable suck-back control (VPPE511-LF)
Vacuum pressure readout (VPPE511-LF)
560046LL-NH for use with VPPE511-LF
Adjustable vacuum control (VPP803-LF)
Manually actuated (VPP803-LF)
All pneumatic operation (VPP803-LF)
560046LL for use with VPP803-LF


Size VPP803-LF: 3.75" x 7.00" x 2.63"
VPPE511-LF: 5.50" x 7.00" x 2.63"
Cycle VPP803-LF: Continuous
VPPE511-LF: Foot pedal control
Air input VPP803-LF: 20 - 100 psi (1.33 - 7 bar)
VPPE511-LF: 20 - 100 psi (1.33 - 7 bar)
Vacuum VPP803-LF: Up to 16 in. hg
VPPE511-LF: Vacuum gauge display
Weight VPP803-LF: 0.341 kg
VPPE511-LF: 1.14 kg


560047 Vacuum Pad 0.140” (3.5mm)
560048 Vacuum Pad 0.200” (5.1mm)
560049 Vacuum Pad 0.250” (6.4mm)
560050 Vacuum Pad 0.320” (8.1mm)
560051 Vacuum Pad 0.400” (10.2mm)
560052LL Vacuum Tip #14 0.063” (1.60mm)
560053LL Vacuum Tip #18 0.033” (0.84mm)
560054LL Vacuum Tip #21 0.020” (0.51mm)
560046LL Vacuum Pick Up Pencil
560046LL-NH Vacuum Pick Up Pencil (no hole)