SV1000SS Adjustable Stainless Steel Spray Dispensing Valve

The SV1000SS spray valve provides close tolerance spray dispensing of fluids of up to 1000cps. It is constructed of stainless steel to prevent corrosion from volatile materials. Designed specifically for spraying flux, paint, oils, lubricants, and coatings for use in coating and marking applications.

The flow rate is controlled by turning the stroke adjust at the top of the valve in order to set the spray volume. Coating area and flow rate are controlled by the fluid pressure, needle stroke, distance from the valve to the component, and the duration the valve is open.

This spray valve is used in conjunction with the SVC100 controller.

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SV1000SS: Spray Valve


Stroke-adjust control
Tunable spray pattern
Adjustable coating and flow rate


Operating Air Pressure 70 - 100psi
Atomizing Air Pressure 1 - 30psi max
Fluid Viscosity Range Up to 1,000cps
Valve Body/Piston SS
Valve Seals PTFE
Fluid Pressure 1 - 100psi
Nozzle Diameter 0.028”
Operating Frequency Up to 200 cycles / min
Operating/Atomizing Air Inlet 10-32
Material Inlet 1/8” NPT
Weight 344g


562054U Valve Stand