RV5000DPM Positive Displacement Auger Dispensing Valve

RV5000DPM Positive Displacement Auger Dispensing Valves

RV5000DPM Positive Displacement Auger Dispensing Valves are designed for continuous operation where cleaning or refurbishment of a valve is not desirable. It can deliver accurate and repeatable dots and beads for any application, whether automated or manually operated. A disposable Delrin® auger screw is accessed through a hinged doorway and can be quickly replaced in seconds.

The RV5000DPM allows for easy maintenance and is suitable for abrasive materials and two-part fluids. It is used in conjuction with the RVC900N controller. Three versions of the valve are available, 6, 8 and 16 pitch.

The model RV5000DPME is an encoder valve.

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Replacement Cartridge Sets

PitchDisposable Cartridge SetRotating Luer Collar Set
16DPM16-10 DPM16R-10


RV5000DPM: Auger valve, disposable material path
RV5000DPME: Auger valve, disposable material path, encoder model


Solder-paste dispensing
Abrasive (filled) materials
Motor reverse capability
No dead space - high repeatability
Replaceable wetted feed path


Size 1.45" x 3.6" x 5.88" (37 x 91 x 149mm)
Max. fluid delivery pressure 30psi (2.1 bar)
Motor voltage 24V
Motor 6-watt, 400RPM (no load)
Material Inlet Female Luer lock
Material outlet Male Luer lock
Wetted part materials Delrin®, Nylon, Viton®
Viscosity 30,000 - 1,300,000cps
Mounting 1" (25.4mm) body channel or valve bracket
Weight 0.75lbs (240g)