VDP150 Adjustable Positive Displacement Dispensing Valve

VDP150 Adjustable Positive Displacement Dispensing Valve

The VDP150 Adjustable Positive Displacement Dispensing Valve is designed for dispensing constant volume shots of low to medium viscosity materials within 1%. The VDP150 has two integral check valves to control the flow of material. The model VC1195N is a suitable 4-way valve controller for the VDP150 double acting metering valve.


4-Way Valve Operation

The valve is cycled by applying air pressure to the air ports. For low viscosity materials (less than 5,000cps) no fluid pressure is required, as the material is drawn into the displacement chamber by the plunger. Low fluid pressure is required for medium viscosity materials of 5,000 – 20,000cps. Shot sizes may be fine tuned by turning an adjustment control at the top of the valve.

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VDP150: Positive displacement valve


Positive displacement metering
Integral inlet/outlet check valves
Micrometer stroke adjustment to fine tune shot size


Operating air pressure 60-85 psi (4.1 - 5.9 bar)
Spring wire diameter ø0.5mm - Max 1.2kgf/cm² / ø0.5mm - Max 1.2kgf/cm²
Cycle rate 120 cycles/min (full stroke)
Minimum shot size 0.005cc
Maximum shot size 0.15cc/cycle
Measuring type Plunger
Cylinder body, CAP AL hard anodized (black)
Piston SUS303
Check body SUS303, RULON
Chamber, CAP, CV body SUS303
Plunger SUS420 (tin coating)
Check Valve PEEK
O-Ring Purfluore
Operating air input M5xP0.8, 4 mm O.D. hose
Material inlet 1/8" NPT
Material outlet Luer lock
Weight 0.71 lb. (320 g)


562235U Adjustable Positive Displacement Dispensing Valve Stand