Pumps and Reservoirs

DFR20 & DFR200

Ratio 1:1-13:1 DFR20: 20 liter / 5 gal. - Shot 15cc-100cc DFR200: 200 liter / 55 gal. - Shot 15cc-300cc

Machines are designed for metering & mixing a high viscosity base fluid up to 1 million cps directly from either 5 gallon pail (20 liters) or 55 gallon (200 liters) drums with the activator fed from a stainless steel tank. Alternatively machines can be configured with a second 5 gallon or 55 gallon pail pump for a high viscosity activator supplied in a 5 gallon pail or 55 gallon drum.

Other options allow the series to be customized either with a fluid purge and/or a boom for ergonomic handling of the hose and dispensing Twinmixer head.


Digital Systems Only (Optional)
  • Low and high level proximity sensors with alarms
  • Automation interface to Fisanr robots
  • Electric or pneumatic agitators
  • Shot counter / repeater
  • Thermostatically controlled heating
  • Anti-gel purge timer
  • PLC control


  • Thixotropic & high viscosity pastes & fluids
  • Volumetric dispensing up to 1,000,000 cps
  • High output up to 15 shots per minute
  • Analog speed control
  • Pneumatic system
  • Compact arrangement
  • Ideal for automatic assembly lines
  • Mounted on castors
  • Disposable static-mixer dispensing


DFR20: Pail Pump 5 Gallon & 10 Liter Tank System Pail Pump 2 x 5 Gallon Pump System
DFR200: Pail Pump 55 Gallon & 20 Liter Tank System Pail Pump 2 x 55 Gallon Pump System
DFR20 Pail Pump Metering & Mixing System
Ratio range pre-set volumetric 1
Metering pumps in-line single acting positive displacement
Maximum viscosity 1,000,000 cps Metering accuracy
Shot range - DFR20 15cc - 100cc at ratio 10
Shot range - DFR200 15cc - 300cc at ratio 10
Shot output 15 shots per minute
Mixing disposable static mixers yellow
Tank capacity 5 gal. pump supplied with 10 liter tank 55 gal. pump supplied with 20 liter tank
Pail pump - DFR20 5 gallon
Pail pump - DFR200 55 gallon
Controls air supply filter regulator and gauge machine on/off, foot valve start,dispense pressure regulator and gauge, foot valve start, emergency stop
Services clean, dry compressed air 80 psi (6bar) 8cfm
Dimensions DFR20 23.62" x 27.56" x 62.99" (600 x 700 x 1600mm)
Dimensions DFR200 41.34" x 25.59" x 51.18" (1050 x 650 x 1300mm)
Weight DFR20 396 lbs. (180 kg.)
Weight DFR200 1100 lbs. (500 kg.)

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