DA35 Autocan Extruder System

DA35 Autocan Extruder System

The DA35 extrudes medium to high viscosity materials under pressure directly from a pre-filled can. This system is suitable for automatic and semiautomatic controlled dispensing applications, which require a constant supply of air-free material.

The extruder pump body is fitted with a follower plate that seals and follows the material as the level drops to wipe the sides of the can clean, limiting waste. Supplied as standard with a NBR wiper seal fitted. Hose, valve, handle, and FKM wiper seal sold separately.

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DA35-1KG-US: Autocan Pump 110 VAC
DA35-3KG-US: Autocan Pump 110 VAC
DA35-1KG-EU: Autocan Pump 220 VAC
DA35-3KG-EU: Autocan Pump 220 VAC
DA35-1KG-UK: Autocan Pump 220 VAC
DA35-3KG-UK: Autocan Pump 220 VAC


Prevents air bubbles and material voids
Air ram assist to help drive material
Simple load mechanism provides easy cleaning
Easy hook up for automatic systems
Low noise electric extruder model
Integrated low level alarm and warning light


Size 215 x 440 mm (8.46 x 17.32”)
Height Adjustment 550 mm min - 720 mm max (21.65” min - 28.35” max)
Power Input for Sensing 110 - 220 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz
Air Input Pressure 30 - 100 psi
Maximum Output Pressure 850 psi
Fluid Viscosity Range 30,000 - 300,000 cps
Ratio 8.5
Volume/Stroke 5 cc
Max Pump Speed 60rpm
Air Inlet/Fluid Outlet Size 1/4” NPT (f)
Wetted Parts PTFE, Viton®, and PEEK seals
Weight 12.73 kg (28 lb)


651780-A3A-B Fluid Regulator SS 3,000 psi
EP1415K Fluid Regulator Install Kit with Gauge Fittings
DA35-1KG Follower Plate 1 kg
DA35-3KG Follower Plate 3 kg
1300060-1KG-NBR Follower Wiper Seal NBR (117 mm O.D.)
1300060-3KG-NBR Follower Wiper Seal NBR (168 mm O.D.)
1300060-1KG-FKM Follower Wiper Seal FKM (117 mm O.D.)
1300060-3KG-FKM Follower Wiper Seal FKM (168 mm O.D.)