F6123N ADVANCE Series Gantry Robot

F6000N ADVANCE Series Gantry Robots

The F6000N ADVANCE gantry robotic systems can be easily integrated with in-line industrial automation. Gantry industrial robots have all their axes above the work area making them ideal for large dispensing applications.

The modular connectivity design allows Fisnar CCD vision system, tip alignment, and height detect kits to be easily incorporated onto the robot for increased productivity and performance.

Programming and control can be carried out via teach pendant, RS232, or proprietary PC software (sold separately).


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F6603N ADVANCE-110: 600 x 600 150 mm Work Area
F6603N ADVANCE-220: 600 x 600 x 150 mm Work Area
F6123N ADVANCE-110: 800 x 1,200 x 150 mm Work Area
F6123N ADVANCE-220: 800 x 1,200 x 150 mm Work Area


Work area up to 800 x 1,200 mm
Axis repeatability +/- 0.05 mm
20 kg Z-axis payload
Z-axis motor brake mechanism
Dual linear guide & ball screw mechanism
AC servo motor drive system with closed loop encoder feedback
Modular connectivity interface


Working Area X/Y/Z F6603N ADVANCE-110, F6603N ADVANCE-220: 600 x 600 x 150 mm
F6123N ADVANCE-110, F6123N ADVANCE-220: 800 x 1,200 x 150 mm
Max Speed X&Y / Z 800 / 320 mm / secs
Tool Load Z-Axis 20 kg (44 lbs)
Repeatability +/- 0.05 mm
Drive Mechanism Dual Linear Guide / Ball Screw
Drive System X&Y Axis Closed Loop Stepper Motor
Drive System Z-Axis Closed Loop Stepper Motor with Brake
Data Memory 1 - 100 programs / 50,000 points / program
I/O Signals 8 inputs / 8 outputs
External Interface USB / RS232
Power Supply F6603N ADVANCE-110, F6123N ADVANCE-110: 100 - 115 VAC
F6603N ADVANCE-220, F6123N ADVANCE-220: 200 - 230 VAC
Dimensions (W/D/H) F6603N ADVANCE-110, F6603N ADVANCE-220: 1,220 x 965 x 503 mm
F6123N ADVANCE-110, F6123N ADVANCE-220: 1,420 x 156 x 503 mm
Weight F6603N ADVANCE-110, F6603N ADVANCE-220: 117 kg (258 lb)
F6123N ADVANCE-110, F6123N ADVANCE-220: 162 kg (378 lb)
Approvals CE, RoHS, WEE


TA360U-KIT Mechanical Tip Alignment
F6000AKIT-TA3 Automatic Tip Alignment
F6000AKIT-HDS Height Sensor
F6000AKIT-VISION CCD Camera Vision System