Autotube with DC200 Programmable Dispenser

ATD200C Autotube Hand Dispenser

The autotube system is designed to dispense liquids, pastes, greases, silicones, and similar materials directly from the manufacturer’s collapsible metal tube.

Dispensing is controlled by either a foot valve or timed dispenser for a controlled shot.

The autotube assembly can be handheld, utilized with pistol grip handle, or mounted on a stand.

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ATD200C: Autotube Hand Dispenser


Eliminates waste
Improves operator safety
Prevents tube damage
Clean and easy dispense method
Reduces risk of contamination


560598DC Pistol Grip Handle for DC-style Controllers
560598 Pistol Grip Handle for Non-DC-style Controllers
5601357 Connecting Hose (5 ft)
560517A 8 oz Cartridge
918-034-000 8 oz Cartridge Retainer
5601376 Retainer Cap
A-10001-OT Luer Lock Tip Adapter
880001-A Adapter M13 x 1
880001-B Adapter M14 x 2
880001-C Adapter M12 x 1.75
880001-D Adapter M18 x 1.25
880001-BLANK No Thread Adapter
QK-NSK Needle Selection Kit