710PT-LF Pinch Tube Dispensing Valve

710PT-LF Pinch Tube Dispensing Valve

The 710PT-LF Pinch Tube Dispensing Valve is engineered for precise control of semi-viscous liquids including mixed two-part fluids and cyanoacrylate. The only part of the valve making contact with the fluid being dispensed is the disposable pinch tube assembly.


3-Way Valve Operation

The 710PT-LF pinch tube valve provides an infinite degree of control for continuous micro-shot applications of low-to semi-viscous materials. Automatically opening and pinching a molded polyethylene tube assembly achieves the “on/off” control. The shot size or flow rate is determined by the degree of adjustment in releasing the closed (pinched) tube and by the valve control timer.


Replacement Parts (included)

  • 580033-LF: Mounting rod 0.5″ O.D. (qty 1)
  • 580037A: Dispense tube 0.10″ I.D. (qty 3)
  • 580038A: Dispense tube 0.07″ I.D. (qty 3)
  • 5601257: PTFE-lined tips (qty 5)
  • 5601225: Blunt end tips 23 gauge (qty 5)
  • 5601390: Tip adapter (qty 1)

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710PT-LF: Pinch tube valve


Throwaway valve and feed tubes
Suitable for low viscosity fluids
Ideal for two-part epoxies and cyanoacrylate
Simple to use and maintain


Operating air pressure 60-75psi (4.1 - 5.1 bar)
Fluid delivery pressure Max. 100psi
Body Plastic
Piston Plastic
Wetted part materials Polyethylene
Operating air input 1/4" tube adapter
Material inlet Luer lock
Material outlet Luer lock