Maximize your dispensing with the DC100 MAX High Precision Dispenser.

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A World Leader in Industrial Robots and Automation Solutions for Fluid Dispensing


We offer the largest selection of products including a valve for every type of material and a wide range of economic industrial robots suitable for automating a bench assembly operation or for integration in a larger in-line process. Fisnar is a manufacturing company dedicated to providing all industries with a cost-effective solution for the needs to dispense liquids and paste in a controlled manner.



Featured Products

Fisnar FCG Pneumatic Cartridge Dispensers

FCG Pneumatic Cartridge Dispensers

VC300 Pneumatic Valve Controller

VC300 Pneumatic Valve Controller

DC100 MAX High Precision Dispenser

DTD50 Multi-Ratio Dispense Tool

DTD50 Multi-Ratio Pneumatic Dispenser

Benchtop Robots

F4000 ADVANCE Series Benchtop Robots


For more details about Fisnar engineered dispensing solutions including dispensing consumables, liquid dispensers, dispensing valves, robotics, reservoirs, and pumps download our latest product catalog!

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See what a Fisnar robot can do for your application with a free video trial! You’ll get a first-hand look at the process to ensure everything works to your expectations. Just send us a sample of your part and material and our lab will record the trial, demonstrate the robot in action, provide the process data, and send you the video with completed parts.


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Total Solutions Provider


Whether you are looking for fluid dispensing, meter/mix systems, low pressure molding, or purchasing specialty chemicals we have a solution for your application needs. With 50 years of industry experience, our technical service staff can help you with anything from consulting and product selection to process development and implementation. Looking for a solution to your application? Contact us today or visit one of our related divisions.


Ellsworth Adhesives


Ellsworth Adhesives specializes in the distribution of specialty chemicals and equipment, offering a wide range of products including adhesives, sealants, encapsulants, tapes, soldering products and more.



Fluid Research is a manufacturer of metering, mixing, and dispensing systems for industrial resins and liquids. Products range from table top to fully automated machines for large volume production.



MoldMan Systems


MoldMan Systems™ manufactures automated low pressure molding machines that are designed to encapsulate, protect, and seal electronics with materials such as hot melt adhesives, silicones, epoxies, and urethanes.



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