Dispensing Valves


HP600S - small shot

The HP600S high-pressure dispense valve is a robust long-life solution for dispensing high viscosity materials such as silicone, RTV, sealant and grease. 

4-Way Valve Operation

The HP600S is a balanced type "on/off" segmented high-pressure needle valves, which require a model VC1195N 4-way valve controller.  Applying a minimum of 56 psi to the air inlet will retract the needle allowing material to flow. Switching the air signal on the controller will return the needle to its seated position closing the valve.


  • High-pressure fluid input
  • Adjustable for shot size
  • 4-way operation - quick shut off
  • Suitable for very high viscosity fluids
  • Replaceable seals


HP600S: High-pressure valve small shot
HP600 High Pressure Needle Valve
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Operating air pressure Max. 60-71psi (4.1 - 4.9 bar)
Fluid delivery pressure 2,133psi (147 bar)
Minimum shot size 0.01cc
Valve type Needle
Driving part materials
Cylinder body, CAP AL (hard anodized)
Piston, Check body STS303
Wetted part materials
Chamber SUS303
CAP,CV body AL (hard coated)
Seals Acetal Teflon
Connecting ports
Operating air input M5xP0.8, 4mm fitting ø6 OD Air hose
Material inlet 1/4" NPT
Material outlet 1/4" NPT Luer lock (male)
Weight 950g

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