Automation Solutions

Automation Solutions

Fisnar offers a full range of automation solutions, with robots ranging in size from small desktop to large gantry inline systems we have the robotic solution that is right for you.

Tip Alignment Fixture

Tip Alignment Fixture

The fixture can provide a faster position set-up than running the tip alignment routine supplied in the Fisnar operation software.

Dispensing Valves

Dispensing Valves

Don't know which valve is best for your material or process? Fisnar offers a full range of dispensing valves for low, mid & high viscosity fluids.

A World Leader in Industrial Robots and Automation Solutions for Fluid Dispensing

We offer the largest selection of products including a valve for every type of material and a wide range of economic industrial robots suitable for automating a bench assembly operation or for integration in a larger in-line process.

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UV Adhesive Dispensing

UV Adhesives are one of the most popular on the market today.  See how Fisnar can both dispense and cure these adhesives without changing stations.

Industrial Robots and Automation Solutions for Fluid Dispensing
General Manufacturing
Medical Device
Alternative Energy

Advances in the aerospace industry demand that many components use automated dispensing systems in their assembly. Fisnar’s expertise in engineering dispensing solutions can help resolve potential issues when assembling laminated composites requiring fittings and anchors, thereby improving yield and reducing operator fatigue in the bonding process.

Fisnar is a leader in the field of single-part fluid dispensing and dual-part metering and mixing systems. Products include fluid reservoirs and wipe-clean extruder pumps, automated dispensing robots, a large range of valves for high and low viscosity fluids, valve and dispensing controllers, and the QuantX system of precision disposable plastics.

Fisnar automated dispensing systems are used in electronic assembly throughout the world. Our products assist in ensuring that the high standard demanded in electronic component and electro-mechanical assembly is accomplished, providing higher yields and reduced costs.

Fisnar offers a wide array of engineered solutions for today’s manufacturing market. We provide products that can be used for dispensing, pick-and-place and automation, as well as help any current manufacturing process become streamlined to reduce costs and increase outputs.

Fisnar is a leader in supplying precision consumables, dispensing equipment, and fully automated systems to the medical device industry. Engineered adhesives and sealants used in the manufacture of sensitive medical products require dispensing equipment and systems that provide consistent and repeatable results. Fisnar continues to meet the challenges demanded in this fast moving and expanding industry.

Fisnar’s automated dispensing program for photovoltaic solar assembly consists of a variety of automated robots, including standard and customized panel-ready gantry and cantilever robots for module framing.

Applications in panel manufacture such as sealing and conductive bonding can be accommodated with our single and two-part fluid metering and mixing systems, offering a total assembly solution for conveyor assembly, resin casting, UV and convection cure.