Robot Rentals

Fisnar dispensing robot rentals includes four different series of robotic solutions with twenty different models of equipment ranging from small table top solutions to large gantry style equipment. While our main customers are in the automotive, electronics, medical manufacturing, pharmaceutical and emerging energy industries, our systems can also serve any application in need of dispensing a fluid or paste.


Why Choose Fisnar for Dispensing Robot Rentals?

As the only company in the industry that maintains a large inventory, we can always provide an immediate solution to meet your requirement. With more than 22 years in the business, our professional staff can help choose the equipment that will get your job done right.

We can also assist you on any and all of your consumable needs that are used with all of our systems, such as dispensers, pumps & reservoirs, valves, and accessories.


Rental services are only available in the continental United States. For more information on setting up a robot rental, contact a Fisnar representative. Browse our desktop robots, assembly line robots, robotic work cells, and robotic accessories for details on product specifications and features.