TA Series Robotic Tip Alignment Modules

A series of tip alignment modules designed for precise dispensing applications that require frequent material or tip changes, which could alter the position of the dispensing needle.

With the tip alignment module installed, the user can simply run a function on the robot that will automatically offset the program based on the new dispense tip position. This ensures consistent dispense results and minimal production downtime.

This functionality can also be run through an external control making it simple for use in a production environment.


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F4000AKIT-TA3: Tip Alignment Module for F4000 ADVANCE 3-Axis Robots
F4000AKIT-TA4: Tip Alignment Module for F4000 ADVANCE 4-Axis Robots
TA9000N Tip Alignment Module for F8000 & F9000 3-Axis Robots
TA4200N: Tip Alignment Module for F4200N.1 & F5200N.1 Robots


Easy to use with consistent results
Reduces production downtime
Able to be run through an I/O for minimal user interaction
Works with both dispensing needles and nozzles