TA Series Robotic Tip Alignment Modules

The TA Series Robotic Tip Alignment Modules allow the user to simply run a function on the robot that will automatically offset the program.  This is ideal for dispensing applications that require material or tip changes that may alter the position of the dispensing needle.  This functionality can also be run through an external control making it simple to be used by manufacturing staff that are not trained in programming the robotics.


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TA4000N: F4000N Series - Tip Alignment
TA7000N: F7000N Series - Tip Alignment
TA9000N: F9000N Series - Tip Alignment


Easy to use with consistent results
Reduces production downtime
Able to be run through an I/O for minimal user interaction
Works with both dispensing needles and nozzles


Diameter of tip TA4000N / TA7000N: 0.23-1.83mm (OD)
TA9000N: 0.265-10mm (OD)
Accuracy TA4000N / TA7000N: 0.05mm
TA9000N: 0.1mm
Working Voltage DC 12V / 24V
Dimensions TA4000N / TA7000N: 25x60x33.15 mm


Robotic Tip Alignment: TA7000N Tip on a F7400N Robot - Fisnar

Changing a barrel or cartridge, or accidentally bending a tip can cause alignment problems. Fisnar's robotic tip alignment provides a fix with an easy-to-use tip alignment module. Featured in the video is the alignment of a TA7000N tip on a F7400N robot. The F7400N is a 3-axis robot with a 400 x 400 mm work area, suitable for an industrial bench with its small footprint.