F9804N Model

F9000N Series Assembly Line Robots

The F9000N Series Assembly Line Robots can be easily integrated with in-line industrial automation. Gantry industrial robots have all their axes above the work area making them ideal for large dispensing applications and jobs requiring a fourth axis such as when using a spray valve.


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F9300N: 300 x 300mm work area 3-axis robot
F9300N: 300 x 300mm work area 4-axis robot
F9600N: 600 x 600mm work area 3-axis robot
F9604N: 600 x 600mm work area 4-axis robot
F9800N: 800 x 600mm work area 3-axis robot
F9804N: 800 x 600mm work area 4-axis robot


AC servo motors with ball screw design
Available in three and four axis models
Repeatability of 0.02mm
Resolution of 0.001mm
Self contained controller functions
Open access deign for in-line operation
100 programs on board
Optional bar code scanning software


X/Y/Z {R} Work Area (mm) F9300N, F9304N: 300 / 300 / 200 {+/- 360°}
F9600N, F9604N: 600 / 600 / 200 {+/- 360°}
F9800N, F9804N: 800 / 600 / 200 {+/- 360°}
Maximum Tool Load {R} 7 kg. {1 kg.}
Max. Speed X&Y / Z, {R} 1000 / 500 (mm/sec) {360°/sec}
Repeatability {R} +/- 0.02 mm/axis {+/- 0.05°}
Resolution {R} 0.001 mm {+/- 0.001°}
Data Memory 100 Programs, 20,000 step / 20,000 points
Drive System 3-phase AC Servo Motors
Motion Control Point to point & continuous path
Teaching Method Teach Pendant
I/O Signals System I/O: 24 inputs / 6 outputs
User I/O: 32 inputs / 32 outputs
External Interface RS232
Power Supply 220 - 240 VAC
Dimensions (WxDxH) inches F9300N, F9304N: 26.73 x 27.40 x 19.88
F9600N, F9604N: 38.54 x 40.24 x 19.88
F9800N, F9804N: 46.41 x 40.24 x 19.88
Weight F9300N, F9304N: 63.8 lbs.
F9600N, F9604N: 81.4 lbs.
F9800N, F9804N: 94.6 lbs.


Two-Component Dispensing Application: F9600N Gantry Assembly Line Robot - Fisnar

See how the Fisnar F9600N Gantry-style robot dispenses a two-component metering and mixing fluid. The F9600N has a work area of 600 x 600 mm, is available with either 3 or 4 axes, and features an open-access design for in-line operation. The system is ideal for applications like adhesives, coatings, form-in-place gaskets, potting, stringers, filling, and frame sealing.