EP1320C 1/10 Gallon Dual Cartridge Pump System

The EP1320C 1/10 Gallon Dual Cartridge Pump System is a powerful medium-ratio system for controlled fluid transfer from 1/10 gallon (310ml) plastic cartridges. Suitable for silicone type fluids. The system integrates a dual (A + B) tandem cartridge arrangement for continuous-flow management. A low-pulse pump design allows automatic control of dispensing applications.

The EP1320C 1/10 Gallon Dual Cartridge Pump System is designed to easily transfer material for controlled dispensing via a high pressure valve. The suitable viscosity range is 10,000cps – 600,000cps. Rated at 15:1 the system provides a maximum of 995 psi regulated material pressure. The A & B cartridge management automatically switches from either A to B or B to A when the cartridge is exhausted. Cartridges are contained in metal jacketed cylinders.


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EP1310C: Cartridge pump 15:1 220V


Material delivered air-free
Wipe-clean action
High-pressure regulation
Pressure piston assist & adjustable piston pressure
Electrical extruder motor
Simple load mechanism also provides easy cleaning
Teflon wetted parts
Avoids waste
No need to transfer material
Easy hook up for automatic systems


Size base W x D x H 8.86” x 6.69” x 25.55” (225mm x 170mm x 649mm)
Weight 33 lbs (15kg)
Power input for sensing 220V 50-60Hz - 20Watts
Air input pressure 30 - 100 psi
Max. output pressure 995 psi (68.6 bar)
Ratio 15
Fluid viscosity range 10,000 - 600,000 cps
Min. volume per stroke 0.01cc/shot
Air consumption 80 l/min
Max. operating temp. 50°C
Cartridge size 1/10th gallon - 300ml - 340ml
Air inlet size 1/4" npt (f)
Fluid outlet size 1/4" npt (f)
Wetted parts 304 & 17-4 pH Stainless Steel, Teflon, Viton, PEEK
Sound pressure level, 100psi 64.12 dB (A) @ 40cpm
Sound power level, 100psi 70.84 dB (A) @ 40cpm