Hand Dispensing Flow-Seal Flux Pens and Bottles

Hand Dispensing Flow-Seal Flux Pens and Bottles are designed to channel controlled amounts of no-clean flux, RMA, solvents, lubricants, masking and water-based liquids. Flow-seal products prevent evaporation of material and conform to current regulations for controlling substances capable of evaporation hazard. A unique dispensing valve prevents flooding and spattering, releasing material in controlled amounts to the nib (tip). Flow-seal tips sold separately.


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FV-0100*: Clear Flow-Seal Pen
FV-0200*: Aluminum Flow-Seal Pen (ESD safe)
FV-0300*: Clear 2oz Flow-Seal Bottle
FV-0400*: Aluminum 2oz Flow-Seal Bottle (ESD safe)
FV-0500*: Clear 4oz Flow-Seal Bottle


381-8425-AC Acrylic Chisel Tip
381-8425-AB Acrylic Bullet Tip
381-8425-AP Acrylic Point Tip
381-8425-PC Polyester Chisel Tip
QK-NTK Flow-Seal Tip Sample Kit