VMS400 Mini Spool Dispensing Valve

VMS400 Mini Spool Dispensing Valve

The VMS400 Mini Spool Dispensing Valve is designed for dispensing low viscosity to high viscosity materials.


3-Way & 4-Way Valve Operation

When air pressure is applied to the air inlet of the VMS400 valve, the spool will be forced forward and fluid will be dispensed. The VMS400 valve has a suck-back effect that eliminates lumping at the end of the needle after dispensing. Shot size and flow rate are controlled by the tip size, fluid pressure and the duration that the valve is open.

The model DC200 is a suitable controller for the VMS400 valve. For faster actuation, the 4-way VC1195N valve controller is recommended.

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VMS400: Mini spool valve


High-pressure fluid input up to 700 psi
Suitable for high viscosity fluids
Adjustable "suck-back" fluids


Operating air pressure 60-85psi (4.1-5.9 bar)
Material delivery pressure 711psi (49 bar)
Flow rate Max 5.0 l/min
Minimum shot size 0.1cc
Body, Piston SUS303
Spool SUS420
CAP AL (hard coated)
Chamber, Chamber Cap SUS303
Seal UHMW-PE lip seal
Operating air inlet M5xP0.8
Exhausting outlet M5xP0.8
Material inlet, outlet 1/8" NPT
Weight 255 g


562235U Mini Spool Dispensing Valve Stand