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PosiPump™ V-Series Progressive Cavity Valve

The PosiPump™ V-Series Progressive Cavity Valve offers true volumetric meter mix dispensing of two component fluids.

Independent control of each fluid material allows the mixing ration to be finitely adjusted. The endless piston design and bi-rotational control ensure clean, consistent, and reliable dispense results.

A variety of fluid outlet blocks are available, designed for use with three different mixer types to meet all standard application demands.

Mixer manifold and connecting cable required for operation. See accessories.


PC-V16: Progressive Cavity Valve 0.016 cc
PC-V100: Progressive Cavity Valve 0.1 cc
PC-V550: Progressive Cavity Valve 0.55 cc
PC-V1000: Progressive Cavity Valve 1 cc


Dispense volume as small as 0.016 ml
Constant volumetric and pressure-stable dispense system
Dispense volume is not affected by changes in fluid viscosity or feed pressure
FKM or FFKM Stator Material
Long service life
Compatible with industry standard mixing nozzles


Dosing Volume/Rev PC-V16: 0.016 ml
PC-V100: 0.1 ml
PC-V550: 0.55 ml
PC-V1000: 1 ml
Motor Speed 1 - 120rpm
Max Flow Rate PC-V16: 0.96 ml/min
PC-V100: 12 ml/min
PC-V550: 66 ml/min
PC-V1000: 120 ml/min
Material Input Pressure 1 - 100 psi
Fluid Viscosity Range 1 - 500,000 cps
Rotor Material SUS316
Stator Material Size FKM (FFKM option)
Fluid Inlet & Outlet Material AL6061 Hard Anodize
Seal Material UHMW-PE
O-Ring Material Viton®
Material Inlet 1/8" BSP / Luer Lock
Material Outlet Mixer B, C, or K Style
Weight PC-V16: 1,100 g (2.4 lb)
PC-V100: 1,600 g (3.5 lb)
PC-V550: 1,400 G (3.1 lb)
PC-V1000 1,600 g (3.5 lb)


5601912 Valve Connecting Cable 10 ft (3 m)
5601913 Valve Connecting Cable 30 ft (9.1 m)
5601914 Fluid Pressure Sensor Kit 10 ft (3 m)
5601921 Syringe Barrel Support 30/55 cc
5601923 Cartridge Support
5601800U Robot Mounting Bracket
562318U Valve Stand
5601915 Mixer Manifold K 1:1/2:1 for PC-V16
5601916 Mixer Manifold K Wide Ratio for PC-V16
5601917 Mixer Manifold B 1:1/2:1 for PC-V100 and PC-V1000
5601918 Mixer Manifold B Wide Ratio for PC-V100, PC-V550, and PC-V1000
5601919 Mixer Manifold C for PC-V100, PC-V550, and PC-V1000
5601924 Cleaning Kit
5601938 Stainless Steel Fluid Fitting 1/8" PT x 1/4" O.D. Tube
5601939 Stainless Steel Fluid Fitting 1/8" PT x Female Luer Lock