Cartridge Accessories

Fisnar offers a full line of cartridge accessories including plungers, caps, connecting hoses, and adjustable finger switches for SL101N-style and DC-style controllers.


Cartridge Plungers

Cartridge Plungers

The plungers wipe clean design maximizes fluid usage from within the cartridge. Plungers are available in low or high-density polyethylene and come in a variety of sizes to fit compatible cartridges.

Item NumberColorCompatible Cartridge SizesDescriptionBuy at Ellsworth Adhesives*
EA1WP-LD-NTNatural2.5, 6, 8, 12 ozWiper LDPEBuy Now
EA1WP-LD-BLBlue2.5, 6, 8, 12 ozWiper LDPEBuy Now
EA1WP-LD-BKBlack2.5, 6, 8, 12 ozUV-Blocking Wipder LDPEBuy Now
EA110WP-LD-NTNatural1/10th galWiper LDPEBuy Now
EA200WP-LD-NTNatural20 ozWiper LDPEBuy Now
EA200WP-HD-NTNatural20 ozWiper HDPEBuy Now

Cartridge Caps

Cartridge Caps

End and tip caps are designed to seal out air for proper storage and handling purposes. Available in snap on, push on, and threaded styles.

Item NumberCompatible Cartridge SizesDescriptionBuy at Ellsworth Adhesives*
EA2C2.5, 6, 8, 12 ozEnd Cap LDPEBuy Now
EA110CP1/10th galEnd Cap LDPEBuy Now
EA6C20 ozEnd Cap LDPEBuy Now
EA3P-Threaded Tri-Seal Cap PEBuy Now
EA4P-Threaded Tip Cap PEBuy Now
EA5P-Snap On Tri-Seal Tip Cap PEBuy Now
EA9X-Snap On Tip Cap PEBuy Now


Cartridge Adapter Nuts

Cartridge Adapter Nuts

Used for converting the male thread on a 310 ml (1/10th gallon) cartridge to a 1/4” NPT female thread. 1/4” NPT nozzles, tip adapters, or fittings can be connected to allow material dispensing directly from the cartridge.

Item NumberDescriptionBuy at Ellsworth Adhesives*
561129-SS316 Stainless SteelBuy Now
561129White AcetalBuy Now


Fisnar FS 501V Dispenser Finger Switch

Adjustable Cartridge/Retainer Finger Switches

Designed for operators who prefer finger switches to foot pedals. Easy to adjust and can be fitted to cartridges and retainers. Compatible with SL101N-style controllers.

Item NumberDescriptionBuy at Ellsworth Adhesives*
FS-501VCartridge/Retainer Finger Switch for SL101N-style ControllerBuy Now
FS-501VDCCartridge/Retainer Finger Switch for DC-style ControllerBuy Now


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*Ellsworth Adhesives, a global distributor of specialty chemicals and dispensing equipment, is the parent company of Fisnar.