Tip Alignment Module

Fisnar now has a full line of Tip Alignment Modules for all F4000N, F7000N & F9000N series robots. The tip alignment modules allow for the robot to easily offset programs after tips or dispensing media has been changed. 

DC100 & DC200 Digital Dispensers

An in depth look into the DC100 and DC200 digital fluid dispensers from Fisnar. Find out how these dispensers can help streamline your manufacturing process while bringing accuracy to any fluid dispensing.

Metering and Mixing Questionnaire

There is a very important first step in requesting a proposal for a metering & mixing system and that is to complete the questionnaire. Information is required on the two materials to be metered and dispensed, including their viscosity, specific gravity, content and behavior. We also require information on the process, shot size and volume. Once the information is received a proposal can be presented.

Fisnar Hot Melt Dispensing

Automated set up of a Fisnar HM110 hot melt dispensing controller to a gantry robot for industrial dispensing of hot melt materials.

F9960N 3-Axes Dispensing and Coating System

The F9960N precision dispensing & coating system has been designed as a multi-tasking robot for work cells that require enclosed operational performance. An interactive touch-screen display provides simple programming.

Working area of 600mm x 600mm.

DXE2 Metering & Mixing System

A setup and overview video for the DXE2 variable ratio metering & mixing system.