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Free Robot Video Trial of Fisnar Industrial Robots

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Industrial Robots Dispensing Solution Video-Trial

Modern manufacturing requirements now demand automated solutions. Our Free Video-Trial service of Fisnar industrial robots helps assure that an investment in automated equipment provides a practical and efficient solution to a dispensing application.

The industrial robots service assists in evaluating equipment, process and material helping to provide a realistic ROI without committing valuable engineering time or investment in an unproven process or method.

This is a FREE service excluding the shipping cost of the parts and material required for the Video-Trial of Fisnar industrial robots.


Getting Started

Call 1-866-6FISNAR (1-866-634-7627) and ask to speak with a Technical Representative about our Free Video-Trial Service of Fisnar industrial robots.
A Project Engineer will be allocated to take care of your trial project through to the completion of a solution and any agreed  training.


Be Prepared When You Call

To provide the following information to your allocated Project Engineer:

1. Full details of the company (including email) together with the engineer or engineers managing and/or supervising the project in the company.

2. Description of job, including size, special characteristics, sketch or 3D drawing in dwg or pdf format.

3. Parts per hour/day/year and desired cycle rate.

4. TDS and MSDS of material (fluid), any special requirements and operator cautions, whether HAZMAT.

5. How fluid is supplied - container or package.

6. Estimated requirement of Video-Trial completion

7. Upon receiving these details your Fisnar Project Engineer will provide a unique reference that will follow your project through to completion - an email confirmation will be sent with a Video-Trial Reference-Number (VTRN).

Note - This is not a contract.


5 Simple Steps to Get the Video-Trial Underway

1. A finished or best-effort sample part.

2. At least two but larger quantities of (raw) samples are preferable if possible, allowing for the potential
adjustments in programming during the trial.

3. Sufficient material to complete the Video-Trial and supplied in a suitable container, not necessarily a bulk container. The material MSDS & TDS should accompany the shipped material/s and a copy of the documents sent by email to your allocated Project Engineer.
4. HAZMAT‚Äądeclaration with Carrier.

5. Shipping is the responsibility of the customer - a PO will only be requested if shipping costs are to be pre-paid, otherwise shipping is to the customers shipper account.