Desktop Robots

Many manual dispensing operations can be economically automated by a Fisnar desktop dispensing robot, saving costs in material waste, rejects, time and labor. Fisnar Inc. has a wide range of 3 and 4 axes robots for automatic dispensing of adhesives, liquid gaskets, resins and UV materials.

Assembly Line Robots

Gantry-Cartesian robotic systems can be easily integrated with in-line industrial automation. Gantry industrial robots have all their axes above the work making them ideal for large dispensing applications and jobs requiring a fourth axis such as when using a spray valve. They are available in a range of standard and special sizes.

Robotic Work Cells

SCARA robots are used in robotic automation cells for factory automation and situations requiring a high level of manipulation. SCARA assembly robots will dispense on stationary work, they take up a limited bench area and can work over a rotary table where a mix of manual assembly and automated dispensing is required.

Robotic Accessories

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