SCARA Dispensing Robot

SCARA is an acronym for Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm. This industrial robot technology provides maximum flexibility for complex automatic dispensing applications. The robot arm is multi-jointed similar to a human arm. The model TMB100N-4 also includes a 360º tool-rotation. The industrial robot has an automatic dispensing area of 400 x 385mm. The dispensing robot operates above the application and is therefore suited as an assembly robot for conveyors and work cells.


  • Suitable for conveyor, assembly line, and work cell operations
  • Multiple I/O ports for machinery, conveyor, or PLC integration
  • Arm length of 17.32 inches (440mm)
  • Allows customized heating and secondary rotation of parts
  • Heavy-duty robust fabrication
  • Three and four axis models available
  • Teach Pendant and (optional) PC programming


TMB100N-110: 3-Axis Robot 110v
TMB100N-CE-110: 3-Axis Robot 110v CE
TMB100N-4-110: 4-Axis Robot 110v
TMB100N-4-CE-110: 4-Axis Robot 110v CE
TMB100N-220: 3-Axis Robot 220v
TMB100N-CE-220: 3-Axis Robot 220v CE
TMB100N-4-220: 4-Axis Robot 220v
TMB100N-4-CE-220: 4-Axis Robot 220v CE
TMB100 SCARA Robot with MV-0180NM Valve
Dispensing Area 400mm x 385mm
Operating Range J1 arm/±90º, J2 arm/±150º, Z axis/100mm, *R axis/ ± 360º
Arm Length J1 arm 260mm, J2 arm 180mm, J1 + J2 440mm
Load Tool 11lbs (5 kg)
Maximum Load R Axis Inertia *198 lbs (90 kg). cm2
Maximum Speed J1 + J2 1500mm/sec (1 kg load)1400mm/sec (3 kg load)1300mm/sec (5 kg load)
Maximum Speed Z & R axis Z = 320mm/sec, *R = 1000º/sec
Repeatability X/Y ±0.02mm per axis, Z ±0.02mm, *R axis < ± 0.02º
Data Memory Capacity 100 programs, 6000 points
Drive system 5-phase stepping motor
Operation system Point to point and continuous path
Interpolation XYZ simultaneous 3D linear interpolation
Teaching method Direct, remote & manual data Input (MDI) teaching
Processor Main CPU 32 bit (MC68EC020, MC68882)
PLC 50 programs, 100 steps for each program
I/O signals 25 input & 24 output signals
External interface RS232C
Wiring & piping to tool 15 wires for signals, 4 air pipes (4mm)
Power supply 110V AC 90-132V consumption 200VA
Power supply 220V AC 180-250V consumption 200VA
Working temperature 0 - 40º C
Relative humidity 20-95% no condensation
Weight 90.20 lbs (41kg)

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