Dispensing Accessories

Dispensing Cartridges

High quality disposable plastic cartridges and nozzles provide a clean, efficient and low-cost method to meet all types of production requirements. Plungers and wiper leading edge clean each cartridge thoroughly.  

Dispensing Nozzles

Polypropylene dispensing nozzles are for dispensing larger deposits of material, which cannot be dispensed using a conventional dispensing tip. They are offered in several sizes and shapes to dispense different sized beads and include flat wipe and brush styles. All nozzles have 1/4" NPT fittings.

Cartridge Retainers

A popular prepackaged dispensing cartridge is 300ml and can be dispensed directly using a cartridge retainer and cap as shown. Another dispensing cartridge is the package that can be supplied empty for filling. These are used for dispensing higher volumes of liquid and are sized in fluid ounces. They are often used for high viscosity fluid such as silic...

Cartridge Caps

Top flange caps seal the wide brim of the cartridge and bottom caps seal the dispensing or tip end of the cartridge. * LD = Low Density,  PE = polyethylene