Advances in the aerospace industry demand that many components use automated dispensing systems in their assembly. Not only for electrical components, cockpit navigation, monitors, flight sensors, controls, alarms, wiring harnesses and frames, but also laminated composite structures for fuselage linings and fittings.

Fisnar’s expertise in engineering dispensing solutions can help resolve potential issues when assembling laminated composites requiring fittings and anchors, thereby improving yield and reducing operator fatigue in the bonding process.

A number of interior applications continue to require manual interaction such as applying two-part sealant and bonding adhesives. In these cases dual cartridges containing two-part metered and mixed product are used extensively.

Passenger service panels are pre-assembled containing the passenger emergency system, lighting, air-flow control, and attendant signals. These cluster panels are produced using an automated dispensing solution.

LED technology has not only been adopted for aircraft navigation, but also for landing, apron and high-visibility taxi lighting. In all cases an LED is assembled using advanced bonding and sealant materials including long-life UV technology.

Advances in the aerospace industry rely on advances in structural bonding and specialized sealants and coatings. State-of-the-art materials are expensive and cost is important when competing in the aerospace market. The industry cannot offset costs by lowering quality standards.

Accurate and consistent dispensing performance is critical in controlling and calculating costs in the manufacturing process. Fisnar’s expertise in single-part fluid dispensing and dual-part metering and mixing systems will continue to support advances in the application of these materials.

Dispensing Fluids used in Aerospace Assembly:

  • Silicones
  • RTV sealants
  • UV cure adhesives and sealants
  • Solder pastes
  • Cyanoacrylates
  • Acrylics
  • Epoxy single, and two-part fluids
  • Anaerobic fluid
  • Grease and lubricants


  • Wire harness and connectors
  • Cockpit instrument cluster
  • Electrical components
  • Power supplies
  • Air conditioning
  • Safety systems
  • Screens
  • Fuel system
  • Switches
  • Restraints
  • External navigation, and internal lighting
  • Sensors
  • Electro mechanical components
  • Frames, panels and linings