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Welcome to our web site. This page provides an introduction to who we are and our promise to our customers.

Fisnar Inc. is an international leader in the manufacture and supply of fluid dispensing systems and equipment for all industries. All fluids can be accurately dispensed either by air pressure or mechanical force. A major strength for Fisnar is a wide range of dispensing products for most applications. This broad program has enabled the company to gain a wealth of experience and knowledge in many associated dispensing disciplines.

What are Dispensing Products?

All fluids can be accurately dispensed either by air pressure or mechanical force. We supply simple hand or bench dispensers for single part materials through to automatic robotic dispensing systems with vision recognition and meter-mix equipment for two-part materials, such as epoxies.

A complete line of replaceable syringes, barrels, needles and tips are also available.


Our products are suitable for many applications including Medical, Electronic, Jewelry, Automotive and general industrial OEM assembly operations.


Formed in 1986, Fisnar Inc. is headquartered in Pine Brook, New Jersey, USA. In addition to our American headquarters, we have two subsidiaries outside of the USA in France and Hong Kong. In all other countries we sell through a network of stocking distributors.

Fisnar has a complete line of Automatic Liquid Dispensers from the small hand-held syringe type units to valve controlled systems, programmable XYZ "robotic" systems. Precise application of assembly fluids ensures reduced rejects and high quality products. Included among these fluids are adhesives, instant glues, epoxies, silicones, solvents, marking inks, solder cream, solder paste, and various lubricants from oil to thick grease. Controlled, automatic deposits ensure reliable production and prevent waste and mess.

Fisnar is a manufacturing company dedicated to providing to all industries a cost-effective solution for the needs to dispense liquids and paste in a controlled manner. The goal is to provide "turn key" systems for a total solution.


We are committed to providing our customers an exceptional service supported by the "Fisnar Inc. No Quibble" guarantee. Our international offices and service personnel will ensure satisfaction with a high level of dedication.

We look forward to the opportunity to service your dispensing requirements.