F7000NV Desktop Vision System

The F7000NV Desktop Vision System is a system for the F7300N and F7400N series robots. The vision system is supplied complete including PC, ensuring all components are compatible, thereby eliminating any costly start-up issues and reducing the learning curve. The system is designed to provide automatic dispensing program offsets when the dispensing path of a component cannot be guaranteed.

Accepts CAD DXF and Excel formats for dispense paths. Commonly two fiducial points are used to provide program offsets, however one is also possible. Optional LED’s may be required depending on refractive surface.


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F7300NV: 300 x 300mm work area vision system
F7400NV: 400 x 400mm work area vision system


Auto aligns within 5mm of workpiece
Ideal for irregular dispensing route
High resolution 0.001mm
Increased production efficiency
Precision operation
Automatic offset of dispensing route
Optional LED light


X/Y/Z Work Area (mm) F7400NV: 400 / 400 / 100
Repeatability 0.006mm
Resolution 0.001mm
Vision Software Robot Vision
System Operation All in one computer
Camera USB Camera
Interface Port LAN
Frame Grabber USB Dongle
Light System EXLITE Cognate In-Sight White LED
Lens 4X (2x, 3x optional)
CCD Conversion Rings 5/20/40/60mm
Teaching Method PC Software
Software Function Program Edit, Auto Alignment, Accept DXF File