800RV Constant Bead Rotary Dispensing Valve

800RV Constant Bead Rotary Dispensing Valve

The 800RV Constant Bead Rotary Dispensing Valve is designed to deliver a uniform bead dimension, irrespective of any air pressure build-up at the opening of the valve and at the start of the bead. This neutralizing pressure feature ensures a perfect bead with a clean cut-off of the material at the end of the bead path.

Suitable for medium to high viscosity materials such as silicones, RTVs, sealants, and greases. The valve is available as model 800RV-LL with a Luer lock fluid outlet and as 800RV-N with 1/4” NPT fluid outlet.


4-Way Valve Operation

The 800RV is a two-stage pressure isolation valve. Applying a minimum of 60 psi to the air inlet will cause the valve to open and dispense the material. The valve is controlled by a 4-way valve controller – VC1195N, which will control the opening and closing of the valve.

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800RV-LL: High-pressure constant-bead valve Luer lock
800RV-N: High-pressure constant-bead valve 1/4" NPT


Suitable for high viscosity fluids
Constant uniform bead dispensing
Close tolerance


Operating air pressure 60-71psi (4.1 - 4.9 bar)
Fluid delivery pressure Max. 853psi (60kgf/cm²)
Valve type Rotary
Cylinder body, CAP AL (hard anodized)
Material body STS303
Wetting Part Packing Teflon, Urethane
Operating air input M3xP0.8 - ø4 air hose
Exhaust air output M3xP0.8 - ø4 air hose
Material inlet 800RV-LL - 1/4" NPT 800RV-N - 1/4" NPT
Material outlet 800RV-LL - Luer lock 800RV-N - 1/4" NPT
Weight 300g