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Robotic Dispensing Systems

Benchtop Robots
Industrial Robots
Desktop Robot
Many manual dispensing operations can be economically automated by a Fisnar desktop dispensing robot, saving costs in material waste, rejects, time and labor. Fisnar Inc. has a wide range of 3 and 4 axes robots for automatic dispensing of adhesives, liquid gaskets, resins and UV materials.
Assembly Line Robot
Gantry-Cartesian robotic systems can be easily integrated with in-line industrial automation. Gantry industrial robots have all their axes above the work making them ideal for large dispensing applications and jobs requiring a fourth axis such as when using a spray valve.
Robotic Arms
F9960N 3 Axes Dispensing & Coating System
Robotic Arm
SCARA robots are used in robotic automation cells for factory automation and situations requiring a high level of manipulation. SCARA assembly robots will dispense on stationary work, they take up a limited bench area and can work over a rotary table where a mix of manual assembly and automated dispensing is required.
F9960NThe F9960N precision dispensing & coating system has been designed as a multi-tasking robot for work cells that require enclosed operational performance. An interactive touch-screen display provides simple programming.
Rotary Tables
Mounting Hardware
Rotary Table
Fisnar Inc. rotary tables are used for semi-automatic dispensing applications of rotary parts. Tables can be programmed for auto cycling allowing the operator to remove and place new parts for dispensing. Programming features compensate for fluid flow delays and for dispensing greater or less than 360 degrees.
Mounting Hardware
A selection of equipment to mount any size barrel, syringe, or cartridge as well as any of our dispensing valves. Equipment includes mounting hardware for barrels, syringes, cartridges, and valves. We also have tip locators and 360-degree conversion kits for precision dispensing.
Robot Video-Trial Service
Robot Rental
The simplest way to see what Fisnar robots can do for your application is with a FREE VIDEO TRIAL. Just send us a sample of your part and a sample of your material, and our lab will, FREE OF CHARGE, make a trial run using your parts and material, video tape the trial run, and send you the video and completed parts.
Robot Rental
Needing to automate a dispensing project but restricted by asset caps? Our new Rental option allows installation of a Fisnar robot with the advantage of purchasing the system at a later date at a price that substantially discounts the rental payments made up to the time of the purchase.