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Industrial Robots

F9300N   Cantilever Robot 11.81" x 11.81" (300 x 300mm)
F9600N   Gantry Robot 23.62" x 23.62" (600 x 600mm)
F9300N Cantilever 11.81" x 11.81"
Cartesian gantry industrial robots are high power servo driven dispensing robots built for durability and high performance. The robot motion is above the work making the gantry robot suitable for in-line conveyor robotic assembly operations. The F9300N is the first sized dispensing robotic product in the series and the robots can be configured as a 3 or 4 axis model.
F9600N Gantry 23.62" x 23.62"
The F9600N is the next sized industrial robot in the gantry robot series with a larger working area. The F9600N is a popular choice for many spray valve applications where freedom of movement around the part is essential, such as in coating and paint spray work. Programming of the F9000N series robots is by teach pendant.
F9800N   Gantry Robot 31.50" x 23.62" (800 x 600mm)
F8800N   Cantilever Robot 31.50" x 23.62" (800 x 600mm)
F9800N Gantry 31.50" x 23.62"
The largest stock sized gantry robot in the I&J9000 automated dispensing series, few industrial assembly dispensing tasks are larger than these dispensing robots can handle but the F9000N series design is modular and larger sizes can be quoted upon request. F9000N Cartesian robots are suitable for gaskets, potting, filling, shielding and spraying.
F8800N Cantilever 31.50" x 23.62"
The model F8800N is a cantilever open access stlye robot. It's servo drive ball-screw design enables closed loop operation. A specially ruggedized aluminum structure prevents flexing and vibration while maintaining functionality, providing a precision multiple axis ideal for conveyor fed applications.
F8100N   Cantilever Robot 31.37" x 31.50" (1000 x 800mm)

F8100N Cantilever 31.37" x 31.50"
The model F8100N is a cantilever open access stlye robot. It's servo drive ball-screw design enables closed loop operation. Many projects also require all moving axes to be above the work station, the F8100N provides that capability. Resolution is 1 micron and interpolation is in all axes. The F8100N has been engineered to accept a tool weight of up to 5kg.