Hot Melt Dispensing


Tank Controller 24lb. Capacity

The model HM110 hot melt controller provides six outlets for multi-hose operation from one to six hoses for maximum flexibility. Designed for medium to high volume dispensing up to 30,000 cps*. Machines are supplied with Teflon® coated tanks with cartridge heaters. Optimized system performance is ensured by the provision of solid-state controls and precise RTD temperature sensors.

*Contact Fisnar engineers for higher viscosity applications.

Controllers feature relief valve options, ranging from the single-stage relief valve supplied with the standard controller to optional sophisticated pneumatic relief systems. 

  • Internal sensors (high, low or both)
  • Beacon for level sensors and faults
  • Larger capacity pumps
  • Tool balancer
  • Automatic feeder (pellets or small chips)
  • Auxiliary I/O board (4 inputs - 4 outputs)
  • Optional pneumatic relief systems
Touch-Pad Control Features 
  • Multi-language display
  • Programmable sequential zone start-up
  • Automatic temperature setback
  • High/low temperature protection
  • High-pressure protection
  • Fahrenheit or Centigrade option
  • System diagnostics
  • Seven-day programmable clock
  • Digital RPM readout
  • Optional low-level detection in tank
  • Optional variable-speed motor control


  • Teflon® coated tanks reduce char buildup for easy maintenance and reliable operation
  • HM110 hot melt tank controllers can be easily adapted to variable speed applications
  • Independent over-temperature and over-pressure protection provides safe operation
  • Independently controlled heat zones minimize adhesive degradation for precise, uniform patterns
  • Cartridge style heaters allow easy change-out in the field
  • Compatible with industry standard hoses, valves, tank filters and drain valves
  • Large capacity spur gear-pump that delivers 60 lb (27kg)/hour
  • Compatible with major approval codes worldwide


HM110-240: 24lb. tank controller 220/240 VAC
HM110 Tank Controller 24 lb. Capacity
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Tank capacity 24 lb (11kg) Teflon® coated
Gear-pump rate Spur gear-pump 60lb/hr
Melt rate 60 lb (27kg)/hr (depending on material)
Temperature control Max 425°F (218°C)
Temperature stability 1°F (0.5°C)
Hose outlets 1 - 6 hoses
Gear Pump AC variable speed
Power Source 208-240 VAC 1Φ/3Φ 380 VAC 3Φ, 30 amps
Dimensions D 25.0” (635mm) X W 14.25” (362mm) X H 21.0” (533mm)
Weight 110 lbs (50kg)

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