Metering & Mixing

Rotary-Static Nozzles

Rotary mixing nozzles allow for a more thorough mix of low viscosity fluids. The first mixing element has a hole in which a drive shaft can roatate the mixing elements within.

The bell mouth is the material entry end of the nozzle and the part that fits over the meter mix machine exit manifold. Static mixing elements inside the body of the nozzle are manufactured from high grade polyacetal to withstand the higher pressures of metering and mixing machines. Static mixer housings are polypropylene.

Accessories: Nozzle retaining nuts
UM08-PA: nut for ID 5-8mm
UM10-PA: nut for ID 10mm
UM13-PA:nut for ID 13mm

Luer-lock adapters: Nozzle retaining nuts
LA05-00: (white) 5mm
LA06-08: (grey) 6 & 8mm
LA10-00: (black) 10mm

Part Number Inside Diameter inches Inside Diameter mm Outside Diameter inches Outside Diameter mm Mixer Length inches Mixer Length mm Elements
MR06-12 0.25 6.35 0.394 10.00 4.39 111.5 12
MR08-12 0.315 8.00 0.475 12.00 5.12 130.0 12
MR13-12 0.512 13.00 0.331 17.00 7.76 197.0 12

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