Dispensing Valves


Adjustable No-clog Spray Valve

Fisnar spray valves provide close tolerance spray dispensing of fluids up to 1000 cps, including urethanes, flux and paints. The material is fed from a pressure reservoir. Each valve is actuated by air pressure sequenced by a controller. The operating air pressure opens a needle valve allowing material to flow; a separate air line creates pressure in the air cap, atomizing the fluid.


The valves are adjustable by turning the stroke-adjust control at the rear of the valve; this will tune the spray pattern.

Coating and flow rate are controlled by the fluid pressure, needle stroke, distance from the valve to the work and the duration the valve is open. 


SV2001N: Spray valve fine dot & bead
SV2002N: Spray valve medium pattern
SV2003N: Spray valve fan pattern
SV2000N - Adjustable Spray Valve
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Operating air pressure 60-80 psi (4.1 - 5.5 bar)
Atomizing air pressure 1-30 psi
Fluid viscosity range up to 1000 cps
Fluid pressure 7-17psi
Operating frequency Over 200 cycles/min
Flow rate Up to 2.4 l/min
Spray pattern Circular (conical spray)
Spray angle at 40mm SV2001N - 20º
Spray angle at 40mm SV2001N - 20º
Spray angle at 40mm SV2003N - 37°
Operating air inlet M5xP0.8 with push-in fitting for Ø4 urethane hose
Atomizing air inlet M5xP0.8 with push-in fitting for Ø4 urethane hose
Material inlet 1/8" NPT
Weight 8.8 oz. (250gm)
Sample spray path character
Min. bead 3mm
Overspray 0.5mm
Z distance-off 3mm
Speed 50mm/sec
Min. bead 12mm
Overspray 5mm
Z distance-off 10mm
Speed 50mm/sec
Min. bead 18mm
Overspray 10mm
Z distance-off 20mm
Speed 50mm/sec

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