SCARA Dispensing Robot

A 4-axis, high-speed, industrial SCARA robot ideal for high volume and large area dispensing applications requiring greater flexibility for automated manufacturing environments, including conveyors and work cells. Can also be used for pick & place applications.


  • Highly rigid frame structure
  • Ideal for form-in-place gaskets, adhesives, potting, coating, filling and pick & place procedures
  • Positioning repeatability 0.020mm
  • Performs continuous path and point-to-point motions
  • AC servo motors
  • Software tip alignment routine for quick program offsets when changing dispensing tips
  • Digital servo controlled motors
  • Multiple I/O communications
  • High speed movement up to 5000mm/sec


F2004N: 4-Axis SCARA Robot 220v
F2004N SCARA Robot with 790HPNM Valve
Rated/Max Payload (J1+J2 arm) 2/7 kg
Arm Length 300 + 300 mm
Repeatability J1 + J2 arm, J3, J4
Operating range +/-125°, +/-125°, 200 mm, +/-360°
Max Speed (No Load) 5.6 m/s, 1 m/s, 720°/s
Allowable inertia of J4 0.003 kgf.m.s2
Data Memory Capacity 100 programs, 1000 points/program
Drive system Full Digital AC servo
Operation system Point-To-Point, Continuous Path
Interpolation All axis
Teaching method Teach Pendant, PC
PLC 10 programs, 1000 steps/program
I/O signals System I/O 24/6, User I/O 32/32
External interface RS232C
Wiring & piping to tool 4 air pipes (6mm), 15 wires for signals
Power supply 1ø AC220V
Working temperature 0 - 40°C
Relative humidity 20 - 90%
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 240x828x834
Manipulator Weight 37kg
Controller Weight 10kg

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