Metering & Mixing


Ratio 1:1-10:1 Low - Medium Viscostiy MICRO: Shot Size 0.3cc-20cc

The MICRO is designed to dispense continuous small beads of homogeneously mixed two-part fluids. Mechanically linked positive displacement metering pumps provide precise dispensing ranging from 0.3cc to 20cc.  Machines are available with digital or analog controls.

The MICRO is a free standing pneumatically driven bench top machine with foot pedal actuation. The systems variable-ratio design accommodates an extensive range of ratio requirements. Electrical accessories are also available as added options.

 Digital Systems Only (Optional)
  • Low and high level proximity sensors with alarms
  • Automation interface to Fisanr robots
  • Electric or pneumatic tank agitators
  • Shot counter / repeater
  • Thermostatically controlled heating
  • Anti-gel purge timer


  • Positively dispensed small beads and dots
  • Variable-ratio
  • Low to medium viscosity
  • Gravity tank feed to metering pumps
  • Single module design
  • Automation integration
  • Low maintenance construction
  • Disposable static-mixer dispensing


MICRO: Digital & Analog Dispense Metering & Mixing System
MICRO Digital & Analog Dispense Metering & Mixing System (Analog system displayed)
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Ratio range 1
Mechanism single acting positive displacement
Maximum viscosity 300,000 cps
Metering Accuracy better than ± 1%
Shot range 0.3cc - 20cc ratio dependent Maximum cycle rate 30 shots per minute
Mixing disposable static mixers yellow
Tank capacity 3 & 5 liter stainless steel tanks
Operating pressure 100 psi 7 bar compressed clean air
Controls machine on/off, emergency stop + reset programmable dispense volume and flow rate
Power (electric option) single phase 110V or 220V
Dimensions (WxDxH) 15.75” x 15.75” x 29.53” (400 x 400 x 750mm)
Weight 110 lbs. (50 kg.)

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