Hot Melt Dispensing


Air Operated 3-Way Action Valve

The HVH3200 is an air-operated valve, suitable for high flow and/or high viscosity materials greater than 30,000cps. This is an air-open/spring-close valve assembly, and requires a 3-way solenoid. The valve is used for applications not requiring high accuracy or speed. Valves can be used as a single installation or in multiple gangs on a manifold. Manifolded valves can be fired simultaneously from a single solenoid or independently fired from a separate solenoid. Contact office for details.


HVH3200: Automatic valve high-flow (3-way solenoid not included) Includes robot mounting bracket * HVH3200 Automatic valves are not supplied with solenoid
SVH3200: Solenoid for HVH3200 Valves: 3-Way Solenoid - 24V.
HZC320: Automatic Valve Options: Zero cavity automatic valve * Contact office for details & quotation for HZC3200 system components. Electric automatic valves are available upon request - contact office.
HVH3200 Air Operated 3-Way Action Automatic Valve (Solenoid sold seperately)
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