Hot Melt Dispensing


SL101-HMM Hot Melt Timer

The SL101-HMM is an automatic digital controller with an LCD display for automatic timed pulse control of an automatic valve. An interface cable is ordered separately. Upon depressing a footpedal a programmed timed pulse is sent to the hot melt controller, which in turn activates the valve. Up to 9 timed intervals can be stored. 


SL101-HMM: Digital timer 110/220 VAC
SL101-VMC: Interface cable for HM110 & HM044
For automated integration and/or use with a Fisnar robot please contact Fisnar engineering.
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Air Input 70 to 100psi (5 to 7 bar)
Air output Spur gear-pump 60lb/hr
Dispense time 0.01 - 9999 seconds
Operation modes Auto-Cycle, Timed, Manual
Internal Memory 9 memory locations
Standards CE approved, RoHS compliant
Voltage 110 - 240 VAC 50/60Hz
Dimensions 8.63” x 8.50” x 2.63” (21.92 x 21.59 x 6.68cm)

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