Hot Melt Dispensing

Auto Feed

Hot Melt Auto-Feed Tank Filling

THERMADOSE® Auto-Feed tank feeders automatically administer adhesive from a bulk container into a connected hot melt tank. Auto-feeders save time and avoid labor costs incurred by manual refilling operations. The Auto-Feed system ensures safety, time-efficiency, and quality for an improved production process. 


  • Avoid charring of adhesive in the tank
  • Maximum productivity and quality gluing
  • Automatic process ensures operator safety
  • Elimination of adhesive waste, spillage and contamination
  • Reduces thermal impact in the tank
  • Offers a complete control of adhesive level
  • Eliminates any risk from production stoppage
  • Filtered dust-free environment
  • Visual sensor provides confirmation of filling action
  • Venturi feed transports chips up to 5/8” (15.87mm) diameter


AF110-240: Tank auto-feed system 240 VAC
AFR110: Field retro-fit for HM110 tank controller
AFR044: Field retro-fit for HM044 tank controller
The Venturi Feeder’s wand design is suitable for many types of totes and containers
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